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In our menu of the day you will find a gastronomic variety of different quality dishes. We renew our menu every week working with fresh seasonal products .
Our Chef strives every week to get a proposal of renewed traditional cuisine, where every ingredient matters.



Start your mornings enjoying a special breakfast or brunch with our variety of milks and artisan products.

What do we mean when we talk about “a brunch“?
In general it can be said that a typical brunch always combines sweet foods with savory meals. Among the sweet brunch dishes that are usually served at a brunch we have pancakes, French toast, waffles, cookies, muffins and smoothies and among the savory dishes the egg is usually the protagonist.



Our dishes are prepared with the most meticulous precision to find the perfect flavor and texture . We like to pamper our cuisine and for this we make a selection of the best local raw material.

The word bistrò comes from France, and is inspired by the bohemian taverns of Paris. Currently we associate a bistrò to a family environment in which the quality of the products and the preparation of the meals in a homemade way will prevail. Our menu gives you the option to taste a variety of alternative dishes without losing the tradition of working with local products.

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