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golden and balanced


This has always been a prominent place for its local brewers. Our Amsterdam speaks through its fruity aroma with notes of hops. Its old gold color and its touch of cereal and caramel will end up catching you.
Aroma: fruity, cereal and caramel.

contemporary and toasted


It concentrates the most contemporary brewing tradition, defined by the toasted profile lagers. Berlin is characterized by its old copper color, toasted malt flavor, moderate bitterness with hints of coffee and caramel.
Aroma: caramel, coffee and chocolate.

fresh and young


Located in a London neighborhood where new and expert brewers show a fascinated audience the most festive and fun flavor within a multicultural environment. Our London plays with its sweet touch of malt and its moderate bitterness, which give it a peculiar and balanced flavor making it our most cosmopolitan beer.
Aroma: aromatic and moderately bitter with a sweet touch of malt.

Intense and expected


One of the places with the greatest tradition and beer history. Prague is enjoyed sip by sip due to its superior alcoholic content, and offers us aromas of malt and hops and hints of raisin fruits that are prolonged with a prominent taste in the mouth.
Aroma: notes of raisins and caramel.

innovative and subtle


Our most innovative and restless beer inspired by “little Brooklyn”, Tokyo. It has a fruity character with light notes of banana, apple and ripe fruits that give way to notes of toasted grain and caramel. Hops appear behind, soft, with herbal memories. In the mouth it offers a moderate body texture along with an intensity of balanced bitterness.
Aroma: malty notes with soft roasting.